At Manor Farm Academy, we believe that Community Cohesion is about creating a school environment in which every member of the community has a common vision and a sense of belonging. Our academy values the relationship it holds with children and their families, as well as the wider community, and actively seeks to provide opportunities for these relationships to flourish.

The school defines ‘community’ in a number of ways:

  • School community – the children we serve, their families and our staff members 
  • Our local community – our geographical community, and the people who live and/or work in our area 
  • The global community  
Working with Hykeham Lions to help
members of our local community
Supporting local businesses
Supporting our local foodbankFamily Games Nights
Supporting Hykeham in BloomSupported by our Local Coop

At Manor Farm Academy, we believe that strong, effective relationships with parents carers and families is in the best interests of our children. We understand that our parents and carers know their child best; what engages and motivates them, their strengths, passions and interests. By combining parents’ knowledge of their child with staff’s expertise in teaching and learning, we can ensure the best outcomes for our children.

We encourage parents and carers to tell us what support they feel they need and aim to provide information, whether through our newsletter, curriculum overviews or workshops.  Furthermore, parent consultation evenings provide an opportunity for parents and carers to learn more about their child/ren’s social/emotional and learning progress throughout the academic year. 

We seek to involve parents and carers in their children’s learning and education by sharing information about the curriculum that they are participating in.