Manor Farm Academy aims to encourage pupils to aspire to their highest academic and personal potential, and is therefore committed to developing an ethos that supports and celebrates the learning needs of all children.

Provision for more able children is an integral part of the whole school teaching programme, as defined in the Teaching and Learning Policy. Improving the learning experiences on offer for Gifted and Talented children is a regular focus within the Academy Improvement Plan.

We also acknowledge that some children will, at times, need more support than others. We recognise that children may have additional needs for a short period of time. Support will be tailored to ensure that they can fulfil their potential and achieve across the curriculum.

We will, as staff, make every effort to ensure that your child is identified and, therefore, supported from an early age, in order to ascertain the support and intervention that might be needed. We have access to a wide range of specialist outside agencies that we can call on as required.

The L.E.A.D. Academy S.E.N.D. Policy is linked below:

S.E.N.D. Policy

Local Offer