Manor Farm Academy is fortunate enough to be supported by parents, staff and friends who provide an invaluable service to the Academy and its local community. Throughout the year, money raised from contributions via special events goes to the P.T.F.A. fund. After consultation with the staff and pupils within the academy, the money goes directly to the children to enhance aspects of their environment, resources or the provision on offer. 


Outdoor Project

Thank you for supporting the events and helping to raise money for the new outdoor project.  The reading circle, with 6 wooden benches and a throne, has been purchased.  The children were involved with choosing a name for the outdoor space and it will be revealed shortly.  The reading circle is just the start of this exciting new project and we will keep you updated about what the children choose for the next phase of the project.

Pre-loved Uniform Shop

The PTFA Pre-loved Uniform Shop is run on the first Tuesday of each month and allows families to donate, exchange or collect items of pre-loved uniform.  We hope families find it useful and enjoy having access to this service.  

Contact the PTFA

Thank you to those who recently provided suggestions to the PTFA, it is always great to hear from families and it is much appreciated.  

The PTFA is always keen to welcome new members.  If you would like to be involved or have any suggestions, please contact the PTFA at [email protected]