Safeguarding for parents

At Manor Farm Academy, our whole school community take an active role in the pastoral care of our children; it is very important to us and we ensure that we provide a high level of duty of care, welfare and safety for all children.

At Manor Farm Academy we endeavor to  support all pupils including those who may be experiencing barriers to learning which could be related to social, emotional, health or personal reasons.  We deal sensitively and effectively with our children’s needs and concerns.

All our staff contribute towards ensuring our pupils have the opportunity to achieve by helping to remove any obstacles that barrier successful learning. We work together as a team to equip our pupils with the confidence and skills to be effective learners and positive members of the community. Building strong relationships with both parents and outside agencies, ensures that we are able to support the mentoring of our children.

Our aim is to:
Provide an environment which will support the emotional health and well-being of all the pupils.
Support targeted children in developing social, emotional and behavioural skills within the school setting.
Support and empower families who may be experiencing difficulties.

Supporting Children

Manor Farm Academy has a climate of trust, respect and confidence, and our pupils can seek support from teachers, support staff and each other whenever the need may arise.

In addition to this, children are able to access pastoral support at any time via Mrs Speed our designated Pastoral TA.

Within the academy, we also have a number of Mental Health First Aiders, who also work to support our pupils. These are: Mrs Speed, Miss Sellers and Miss Richardson.

If the need arises, and with the consent of parents, children can be signposted to the support of relevant outside agencies.

Online Safety

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Organisations that might be helpful:


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Free and confidential help for under 25s by phone, email, SMS or webchat

An information site for anyone who is raising children on their own


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Family Services and Local Offer Directory

The Marie Collins Foundation

Please do not hesitate in coming into the Academy to speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns relating to Social, Emotional and Pastoral needs.