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Welcome to our Year 2 Class Page

This term out units of learning are ‘Lincolnshire Time Detectives’ and ‘Coasts: What Are Seasons’.

Magnified glasses and Wellington boots at the ready! The children in Year 2 will first be exploring the rich, vast and exiting local history and geography of Lincolnshire.

It is through this unit that they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a thrilling range of learning experiences that will inspire and excite their historical, geographical and literal minds. The children will enjoy conducting historical enquiry, studying photos, drawings and recreating, some of the awe-inspiring sculptures and statutes that can be found around Lincoln.

Through this topic, the children will be encouraged to use accurate historical terms and will talk about the developments of the Lincolnshire civilisation from the first Roman settlers in Lindum, to the construction of Lincoln Cathedral and beyond the Battle of Lincoln.

The children will be exploring the different seasons that support the agricultural growth in Lincolnshire. Linked with their Science units, the children will be discovering how animals create their habitats.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

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