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Welcome to our Year 2 Class Page

In Year 2, our Class Teacher is Miss Hudson, and our Class Teaching Assistant is Miss Morley. Miss Thomas also supports here as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant. 

On this page, you can find out about the learning that is planned to take place across this term . We work together to ensure the children continue their love for learning across the curriculum within Manor Farm Academy in order for them to achieve their full potential.

This term our topic is: 

‘What Makes Someone Special?’

People have been studying and travelling the world around them for thousands of years. The children will learn about significant individuals who have made important contributions and discoveries to science, the humanities, society and mathematics. The exciting lives of significant individuals in the past have contributed to National and International achievements, shaping the world where we belong, grow and learn today. 

Literacy and Phonics

During phonics and literacy sessions, we will be learning to –

  • Read, Write Inc phonics is an engaging programme that raises standards in children’s reading and writing. It combines word reading, comprehension (understanding the book), writing, grammar and spelling. Phonics is split into 8 levels, progressing through them being crucial to a child’s development.
  • In phonics the children hold sentences in their head to embed the use of capital letters/full stops, proof read sentences to improve their accuracy in spelling and choose the correct graphemes (letters to make the sound, I.e ai, ay, a-e ) and are supported to write independently through verbal rehearsal of their sentences (saying it out loud to later write down). Throughout the levels in phonics, the difficulty increases as do the writing skills required. Phonics prepares the children for creative writing by introducing more independence in their writing and encouraging them to use correct spelling, correct sentence structure and a greater understanding of grammar. 
  • At Manor Farm Academy, we ensure high expectations are woven into phonics to ensure the children become the best writers that they can be by teaching synonyms, adverbs, noun phrases, adjectives, a range of punctuation and more.
  • In literacy the children recap adverbs, verbs, adjectives, nouns, expanded noun phrases, prepositions and more complex sentence structures like subordinate clauses and main clauses.
  • In literacy this term the children will learn about Information texts, explanation texts, poetry and narratives written by the same author – Anthony Brown.


During mathematics sessions, we will be learning to –

In maths this term, the children will be learning about multiplication, division, statistics, fractions and time.


During science sessions, we will be learning about –

Animals, including Humans

  • How humans and other animals are born, grow and change, and what we need to survive and be healthy.
  • Classify different kinds of animal babies, learn about the basic needs that are shared by humans and animals, and research the differing needs of animals within our care.
  • Focusing their own experiences, children explore the need for humans to eat a varied diet, to keep themselves clean, and to take regular exercise.
  • This unit of science will encourage children to make positive choices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.  

Living things and their habitats

A variety of habitats and the plants and animals that live there.

Telling the difference between things that are living, non-living and things that have never been alive, and apply this in a range of contexts.

Make observations of a local habitat and the creatures that live there, investigating conditions in local microhabitats and how they affect the minibeasts found within them. Children will research a range of global habitats and how the living things that live there are suited to their environments, and also provides an introduction to the idea of dependency between plant and animal species.


During computing sessions, we will be learning to –

  • Understand that programs are controlled by algorithm, gain skills using the Scratch software and use vocabulary related to algorithms, movements and sequences.
  • Predict how a game works by understanding the algorithms that the games use, be aware of age restrictions on games and understand that games are controlled by sequences of algorithms.

Religious Education

During Religious Education sessions, we will be learning to –

  • Understand how Christians belong to their faith (worshiping, baptism, confirmation).
  • Understand about the different styles of worship (Quaker, Pentecostal, Catholic and Evangelical).
  • In addition, the children will understand Christian teachings.
  • Know the Creation story and the Easter story.


During history sessions, we will be –

  • ‘What makes someone special?’ immerses the children in Year 2 into a world of awe and wonder, facilitating an environment of curiosity towards a range of diverse significant people from the past.
  • Learning about people who have made significant contributions, compare changes over time, ask thought provoking questions and make connections between themselves and others around them.
  • Beginning to think about and develop their own aspirations for the future, being inspired by inspirational, meaningful role models throughout the ages.
  • Build on their knowledge of significant people from the experience day to understand the chronology of Mary Seacole’s life, understand what happened during the Crimean war, compare nursing from then to now, think about the impact Thomas Barnado had on children during 1800’s and know how life changed when the first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, served England in 1979-1990.


During geography sessions, we will–

  • Learning about people who have been studying and travelling the world around them for thousands of years and how these significant individuals have made important contributions and discoveries to science, humanities, society and mathematics.
  • Learning about the exciting lives of significant individuals in the past have contributed to national and international achievements, shaping the world where we belong, grow and learn today. 
  • Learn about the oceans and seas that many explorers have crossed in order to discover new lands.
  • Develop our understanding of the cold and hot areas of the world in relation to the Equator and North/South poles, learning about Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott.
  • In addition, the children will understand how special the wonders of the world are and will be able to compare two contrasting countries: Africa and England.

Design and Technology

During design and technology sessions, we will be –

  • Developing their understanding of freestanding structures.
  • Use their problem solving skills, innovative ideas and creative thoughts to design and make a product which provides a resolution to the problem: ‘Captain James Cook went on an expedition to Antarctica. How can he be kept warm and safe as he rests?
  • Thinking about the materials and tools they use, selecting the most appropriate.
  • Encouraged to think about how to ‘stiffen’ their structure to make it much stronger and fit for purpose.
  • Throughout the process, the children will continually evaluate their designs and plans to ensure that their final product meets the design criteria.


During music sessions, we will be learning to –

  • Sing a variety of songs, recognising changing pitch and tone.   

Life Sim

  • Interaction with others: During Termlet 3, the children will be learning about greeting people using appropriate ways. We will include polite, welcoming greetings (formal and informal) and the use of sign language.
  • Management: During Termlet 4, the children will learn how to tie their shoe laces.


  • Homework will be shared every Monday on Seesaw. The children can share this with their Class Teacher on Seesaw too.
  • Spellings and Times Tables will be tested on Monday, (where appropriate).


We value the support of all parents and carers. If you feel that you can help in any way with the work we are covering, then please let us know or if you would like any further information regarding this term’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Thank you, Miss Hudson

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