Year 2 Mr Anderton

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Welcome to our Year 2 Class Page

The Year 2 Team

The Year 2 team comprises of Mr Anderton- the Class Teacher, Miss Morley- the Teaching Assistant and Miss Evans who is a 1:1 Teaching Assistant.

Mr Anderton (Class Teacher)Miss Morley (Teaching Assistant)Mrs Bell (Teaching Assistant)

Our Vision
At Manor Farm Academy we strive to provide the best possible education and to ensure happiness and achievement for all. Through high expectations, we strive to instill a sense of pride and confidence within all of our pupils. We aim to develop an environment where respect and honesty are valued, and individuality and difference are celebrated.   By harnessing the sense of wonder, curiosity, determination and independence that we see in our youngest children, and by encouraging our children to never stop asking why, we hope that a love of learning that extends beyond our academy walls is fostered. It is important to us that every child that leaves Manor Farm Academy is the best that they can be, that they are kind, confident and articulate and that they have a strength in their own convictions.

Our Values  
We believe that every member of the Manor Farm Academy team: pupils, staff, parents and governors, has an important contribution to make to the success of the academy.  

At Manor Farm Academy, we value:

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Read by Myself Books
Children accessing Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons take home a book that is matched to their phonics ability. Parents are asked to support their child to read this book independently using the blending and decoding skills that they have been practising at school.  

Reading for Pleasure Books
Our aim at Manor Farm Academy is for every child to enjoy books; we therefore give children a Reading for Pleasure book to instill in them a passion for reading. Children will take home a Reading for Pleasure book from our classroom libraries which they will have chosen for themselves.


All books will be changed regularly and monitored by staff. Parents /Carers are asked to comment in the children’s Reading Record when they hear their child read. Although we understand how busy life can be, we do ask that all children aim to read aloud to an adult for at least five minutes per day. Research has continually shown us the positive impact that reading can have on all areas of your child’s learning.

Year 2 Recommended Reads

Year 2 Enrichment Experiences

The Home Board

You can find a completed home board on See-Saw each evening. This includes what has been happening throughout the day and the key learning that has taken place.

Year 2 Homework

Every Monday, pupils will receive homework that includes spellings to be completed. These spellings will consist of Year 2 common exception words and words from previous Spelling or Phonics lessons.

Additionally, there will be a Talk for Learning assignment that includes links to previously covered learning.

To supplement this, we suggest students utilise either 1 Minute White Rose Maths or TT Rockstars on a weekly basis.

Termly homework with suggested activities that can be presented in class on the final Monday of each term will also be shared.

Year 2 Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

Year 2 Spring Curriculum Newsletter

Year 2 Summer Curriculum Newsletter

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