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Welcome to our Reception Class Page

  • In Reception, our Class Teacher is Mrs Rocks and our Class Teaching Assistant is Mrs Brown.
  • We work together to ensure your child’s time in Reception the best that it can be!

This Term, our topic is called ”Make It!”

We shall be enjoying engaging in a wide range of learning experiences which will help us to learn from first hand experiences at Manor Farm Academy, and become independent, motivated learners. Please find below the key elements of our learning.

The Core Areas of Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • The children will be thinking about how to improve their own outcomes.
  • They will be beginning to work in a more independent manner in preparation for Year One.
  • Children will act as role models to others, showing new pupils what is expected of them.
  • Children will be learning to apply previously learned skills to new situations.
  • They will continue to learn about and abide by our school rules, and will talk about why such rules are needed.
  • Children will be learning about a healthy life style, and which things contribute to this.
  • They will be developing an understanding of what it is to be a responsible citizen.

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Children will be learning to talk through their learning, explaining how they have come to certain conclusions.
  • They will use the key philosophy words during group discussions.
  • Children will study non-fiction texts, signs, posters, poetry, labels, captions, traditional stories and narrative texts.
  • A love of stories and reading will be fostered, both within the classroom and the new outdoor library.
  • Children will continue to practise correct letter formations both indoors and outdoors.
  • Children will have opportunities to use talk for thinking in a range of situations.
  • Children will engage in both group and guided sessions of reading and writing in appropriate ability groups.
  • They will be encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to both decode written words and write independently.

Physical Development

  • This term the children will be learning through games, dance and challenges to move in a range of controlled ways. 
  • They will be learning to build and balance with a variety of large scale equipment, including wooden planks, large foam bricks and den making equipment.
  • The children will be supported in recognising how their bodies change during exercise, and why exercise is good for us.
  • Fine motor control will be developed through the manipulation of a range of tools and materials. For example, paint brushes, threading, peg boards and playdough. This will strengthen their fingers for writing.
  • Scissor control will also be developed through real life challenges.
  • Through exciting P.E. sessions children will work towards developing their hand/eye co-ordination whilst working safely.

Mathematical Development

  • Children will be learning to recognise and use numbers past 20 in everyday situations.
  • Children will use number and number patterns within real life problem solving.
  • They will study capacity, length and weight with its associated language.
  • Children will explore the value of 1p, 2p, 5p,10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins.
  • They will use language associated with money through role play.
  • Children will solve practical problems relating to money.
  • They will learn to use and name both simple 2D and 3D shapes.
  • They will describe their properties.
  • Children will learn to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s where appropriate.
  • They will work practically to solve a range of addition and subtraction problems.

Understanding the World

  • The children will be investigating a range of natural and man-made materials as they engage in sculpture related work.
  • Children will be using their senses appropriately to explore a range of materials.
  • They will be learning to describe their observations.
  • Children will, with support, learn to talk about what is seen and what is happening.
  • They will design and make sculptures with contrasting materials and in different scales.
  • Children will have the opportunity to use a range of different tools in order to build or make objects with a purpose in mind.
  • They will learn to access a range of ICT programmes in order to support their learning.
  • Children will learn about plants and what they need to grow and stay healthy.
  • They will talk about the differences between a healthy lifestyle and an unhealthy one.
  • They will investigate the outdoor environment and discover a range of minibeast habitats.
  • Children will begin to understand where the food comes from that is on their plates. They will explore cooking and baking and learn about related safety issues.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Children will use drawing, painting and sculpture to represent characters from stories and design their own sculptures.
  • Clay, mod-roc, plasticine, wood and junk modelling things will be explored, along with a range of joining techniques.
  • Children will learn to fix and join for a purpose.
  • They will be learning to work independently, in pairs and in groups, in small and large scale.
  • They will look at the work of Louise Bourgeouis and Sophie Ryder.
  • Children will learn songs related to the topic area and will make up their own songs.
  • Children will be encouraged to create movement to music. Children will begin to learn simple notation in music.
  • Children will engage in role play activities daily, creating their own storylines and narratives.

Enterprise and Philosophy Your Child Will:

  • Children will continue to work within their own class towards developing an event that can raise money for a chosen charity.
  • In Term 6 the children will hold an Enterprise Event where this will happen.
  • Philosophy sessions will be held weekly in order to promote deeper thinking and problem solving skills.


  • Homework will be handed out every Monday.
  • Please feel free to bring in completed homework tasks on any day.
  • These will be shared on Friday with the whole class.

Outdoor clothing

  • Please make sure that your child has a suitable coat/ sun hat etc. at school, as they will be expected to learn outside each day.


  • PE will be on Friday in Mrs. Rocks’ Class, so please ensure that PE kits are in school all week.
  • Children will need some plimsolls or trainers as P.E. will be outside, weather permitting!


  • Reading sessions with the class teachers will take place throughout the week with your child changing their book when required.

How Can you Help?

  • Please regularly enjoy some book time together.
  • Your child should be encouraged to read their RWI book independently, whilst their other book may be read together.
  • Please record your daily book time in the yellow reading record book.
  • Research areas of the Curriculum with your child. This will feed in to their homework tasks.
  • Try to help your child to recognise and read their coloured sight words quickly.
  • They will need to be a speedy reader in Year One!


  • To research any of the topic areas which have been outlined in this newsletter, please visit the school website Once there, select the correct year page where you will find numerous games , activities and websites to strengthen and support learning throughout the term.
  • We value the support of all parents and carers. If you feel that you can help in any way with the work we are covering, then please let us know or if you would like any further information regarding this term’s curriculum please do not hesitate to contact school. Thank you.


We value the support of all parents and carers. If you feel that you can help in any way with the work we are covering, then please let us know or if you would like any further information regarding this term’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Thank you, Mrs Rocks

Please visit our Facebook page for regular updates on the exciting learning that happens in our academy.