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Welcome to our Reception Class Page

The Reception Team

The Reception team comprises of two teachers, Mrs. Rocks and Mrs. Rowe, along with Miss. Collins who is the class teaching assistant.

Mrs. Rocks teaches the class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mrs. Rowe teaches on Thursdays and Fridays. Our team are committed to supporting the individual needs of the children in our care, and liaise with each other frequently to provide a consistent approach to learning in the Foundation Stage. Mrs. Rocks and Miss Collins are fully trained in Paediatric First Aid.

Mrs Rowe (Class Teacher)Miss Collins (Teaching Assistant)Mrs Rocks (Class Teacher)

Our Vision
At Manor Farm Academy we strive to provide the best possible education and to ensure happiness and achievement for all. Through high expectations, we strive to instill a sense of pride and confidence within all of our pupils. We aim to develop an environment where respect and honesty are valued, and individuality and difference are celebrated.   By harnessing the sense of wonder, curiosity, determination and independence that we see in our youngest children, and by encouraging our children to never stop asking why, we hope that a love of learning that extends beyond our academy walls is fostered. It is important to us that every child that leaves Manor Farm Academy is the best that they can be, that they are kind, confident and articulate and that they have a strength in their own convictions.

Our Values  
We believe that every member of the Manor Farm Academy team: pupils, staff, parents and governors, has an important contribution to make to the success of the academy.  

At Manor Farm Academy, we value:

On this page, you can find out about the learning that takes place in the Foundation Stage. Our learning links to specific topics that are driven by the children’s interests and are taught across a whole term. You can use this page to find out more about the areas that we will focus on. Each area covered is sparked with a Key Question, where we find out what the children already know about it. The children then decide what they would like to learn next about this, which drives the learning forward. We hope you enjoy having a look at our page!

Reception Curriculum Overview

Phonics – Learning To Read

At Manor Farm Academy our children learn to read using the ‘Read, Write Inc.’ scheme. We put the teaching of reading at the heart of our school and ensure teachers have the knowledge and determination to teach every child, regardless of age, background or need to read.

The children are taught phonics daily and assessed regularly so that the books that they are reading are closely matched to their individual ability. They read and re-read these books to increase their fluency and comprehension. These books are labelled, “I Can Read This Myself”.

Alongside this, the team choose the best books to read aloud so children enjoy this experience and develop a determination to read them for themselves. These books are called, “We Can Read This Together”. Books are carefully selected to place literature as the central pillar in establishing all children’s identity. They reflect the range of culture, setting and characters that lead to a culturally diverse and tolerant community.

Reception Enrichment Experiences

The Home Board

The Home Board is used daily to communicate learning which has happened that day to parents and carers. During the last session of each day, the teacher will re-visit the day’s learning with the class using the visual timetable as a prompt. The children will then explain what they have learned, and the teacher will act as their scribe to write this on a free-standing white board. This is then placed next to the gate, within eyesight of parents and carers. The Home Board has been proved successful in embedding learning, as it encourages children to talk about what they have learned with their families and helps their adults to start valuable discussion.

Reception Homework

Reception Homework is given out each Monday and consists of a range of learning experiences designed to link directly to the learning which is happening within class. This will usually include a maths focused activity, a reading type activity and something to support understanding of the World that we live in. Should children wish to bring things into school which evidence their learning at home this will be shared with the class each Friday and used to promote self-esteem across the group. Parents and Carers also have the option to send in photos or film clips of learning at home via the Tapestry online journal.

We are very much looking forward to working together with yourselves and your children in the coming year, and just know that we are at the beginning of a very exciting educational journey. Our provision in the Reception class is designed to motivate, inspire and challenge our children.


We value the support of all parents and carers. If you feel that you can help in any way with the work we are covering, then please let us know or if you would like any further information regarding this term’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact the academy.

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