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Hello and welcome to our home page!

The Year 3 team is comprised of Mrs Boast and Mrs Ross.

Our Topic this Term is Active Planet


In Literacy, the children will be learning to write fictional stories in which there is a dilemma – the main dilemma being that a volcano has erupted! The children will draw upon their knowledge of volcanoes from our ‘Active Planet’ topic and the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit, to inspire their writing. Through this writing unit, the children will further develop their understanding of using speech punctuation accurately as well as recapping their understanding of how to use apostrophes.

Following our narrative unit, the children will be writing poems about volcanic eruptions using high quality vocabulary to create atmosphere within in their work.

This term will also see us deepen our knowledge of different author’s writing styles. The children will suggest their favourite authors and we will study the language and styles in which they write. The children will then use these ideas to inspire their own piece of writing.


This term, the children will have an opportunity to tell the time using an analogue clock as well as further develop their ability to calculate the difference between two given times.

Following this unit, the children will develop their understanding of shape. They will recap the 2D and 3D shapes and consider what makes a shape regular and irregular. As well as this, the children will learn how to calculate the perimeter of shapes and develop their understanding of angles. The children will be shown how to recognise parallel and perpendicular lines in a variety of different shapes and images.

We will maintain a focus on number throughout the term through our Active Number sessions, as well as regular multiplication and fraction recap lessons. The children will continue to practise their mental calculation strategies and use of practical and written methods to help them calculate equations.


In Science, the children will be learning about rocks. They will learn how to identify a range of rocks and use the features of the rocks in order to classify them. The children will conduct investigation to see which materials are permeable and impermeable and apply this knowledge to the rocks that they have studied. They will also be travelling back through time to discover the life of dinosaurs and identify the body and trace fossils that they have left behind.

In the second part of our summer term, the children will be learning about plants. They will identify the features of a plant and investigate how water is transported through the stem. As well as this, the children will be learning about seed dispersal and pollination. This promises to be an exciting topic with plenty of outdoor learning opportunities


In ICT, the children will become TV presenters. They will learn how to create a professional film using panning and zooming in order to add interest for the viewer. They will also be developing their communication skills by writing emails and attaching documents.

The children’s core ICT skills remain a focus throughout our lessons and they will continue to develop their ability to copy and paste images, as well as being able to adjust the size and rotation of the image.

Religious Education

In RE this term, the children will be focusing on what God is. We will be finding out more about Hindu gods and what lessons the gods teach Hindus to live by. As well as this, the children will also be finding out about the Islamic God. They will discover the main teachings of Allah and identify how Muslims pray.


In Geography, the children will be embarking on an exciting journey across the world to identify where volcanoes are found. They will learn about how volcanoes are formed as well as discover what impact a volcanic eruption has on local communities.

In addition to this, the children will be looking at how the climate differs in relation to a countries’ proximity to the equator and investigate the climate conditions needed to cause a tornado.

The children will continue to develop their core Geography skills by using the 8-point compass to place volcanoes on a map. As well as this, the children will discover how time zones work and investigate which countries the Greenwich Meridian passes through.


This term, Year 3 will travel back through time to discover the fascinating events that led up to Mount Vesuvius erupting over the city of Pompeii. The children will look at a number of sources to try to piece together what happened and also look at the impact that this eruption had on people living near to the volcano. We will then consider what similarities and differences there are between other significant volcanic eruptions that occurred throughout history.

Design and Technology

In DT, the children will be learning about healthy foods and how packaging can be used to help identify the nutritional contents of the food. They will design their own packaging for chocolate rocks which they will make in their cooking lesson.


In Music, the children will continue to develop their ability to read music notation. They will be learning ‘Bringing Us Together’ and will use this piece of work to inspire their own composition. They will continue to develop their appreciation and knowledge of music from other cultures and time-periods.

Life Sim

This term, the children will be challenged to develop their management skills by partaking in a first aid workshop. They will also be developing their understanding of personal health by learning about how to take care of the teeth and the importance of flossing.

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